Date: Friday 11th and Saturday 12th August 2017

Time: 10am-6pm

Bland’s Cider – Sparkling ciders, perry, blush/fruit ciders, liqueur and Calvados

Hiver Beers – Craft beers made with honey

Humber Street Distillery – Gins and premium spirits

Humber Street Gallery – Craft beers and boutique cocktails

Old English Gentleman – Prosecco and strawberries

Oscars Bar – Draught beer, cocktails and mocktails

Steep Hill Wines – Spicy Monk Cider

The Old House – Craft beers

Yorkshire Brewing Company

Live Music (sponsored by McCoys)

Friday 2pm – TBC

Friday 3pm – TBC

Friday 4pm – TBC

Friday 5pm – TBC

Saturday 2pm – TBC

Saturday 3pm – TBC

Saturday 4pm – TBC

Saturday 5pm – TBC