Mogo’s 2014 La Grande Théière Award

Mogo’s 2014 La Grande Théière Award of The Tea Break Film Festival was won by Graham Beck for A Song For Those Not Listening

The annual 2014 Tea Break Film Festival attracted submissions from UK and USA. An analysis of this years votes casted by the public points out a very strong preference for a clear and concise message. The public overwhelmingly favoured thought provoking short movies that use technology and excellent sound.
Graham Beck, the winner of the La Grande Théière Award of The Tea Break Film Festival sponsored by Mogo Freedom was selected by majority vote of the public. Graham produced a stop-frame animation video, to accompany his number, ‘A Song For Those Not Listening’ – taken from the album ‘A BATHFUL OF NASTURTIUMS’. Graham Beck commented : “I am excited to receive this prize awarded by the public of Hull, the UK City of Culture 2017. This song/video is dedicated to all the people who go to gigs and  talk through the performance.”
Michelle Dee Freelance Arts Journalist described her experience in Mogo watching Graham’s creation: “Graham creates fun DIY stage sets with bubble wrap, cardboard and fig rolls (references to previous opuses; opi?) I had a little sing along inside my personal cinema. Very glad this work won.”
The annual Tea Break Film Festival was brought to the public in a Mogo, the world’s smallest movie theatre launched during Yum Food Festival 2014 in Hull city centre that attracted over 30,000 additional visitors. The Tea Break Film Festival is an interactive event, where by the public views and selects the winner of the film festival. Polly Sowden, the organiser of Yum Food Festival said that “Using high footfall events like Yum to showcase unique initiatives like MOGO helps to share the message to a wider audience. The public really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the selection of the best movie while enjoying tea or other food delights available during the food festival”.
2014 Tea Break Film Festival was organised by three creators: Mal Williamson of Creator College, Jay Moy of Make Moving Messages and Matjaz Korosec of Mogo Freedom, who met at C4DI, Hull’s premier incubator of ideas. They dedicated their resources to celebrate short films which are refreshing and restful, engaged and drifting.
“This year’s Tea Break Film Festival received a very competitive range of films produced by directors from UK and the USA. They all showed engaging messages utilising very innovative filming techniques. The number of entrants and public’s interest confirmed that the Tea Break Film Festival is growing in popularity,” commented Jay Moy of Make Moving Messages.
“It was a great experience working with The Tea Break Film Festival to transfer the versatile two berth Mogo into the world’s smallest movie theatre using original cinema seats from a Hull cinema. It shows how spacious and versatile this caravan can be, yet it fits into a garage and can be towed by a small car” said Matjaz Korosec, founder of Mogo Freedom.
Creator College was an academic advisor in the Tea Break Film Festival. Mal Williamson, the founder of Creator College explained “The innovation grows from collaboration. The Tea Break Film Festival evidences why Hull rightfully won the 2017 UK City of Culture bid. There are three industries that have a strong root in the city of Hull who joined forces in this project: the caravan  and ovie industry and education.  Hull has the largest caravan industry cluster in Europe. Hull shaped the British Movie industry with Hull born artists such as J. Arthur Rank, Gerald and Ralph Thoma and Ian Carmichael to name a few. And lastly, there are 23,000 students living in Hull (10% of the city’s population).” Creator College offers creative industries and arts a new type of education and professional development.

Creative industries is for all industries. Here we have caravans, digital media and education coming together to make Hull a thriving economic force.

The movies of 2014 Tea Break Film Festival can be found here: