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KerbEdge creates Yum! burger for 2017

KerbEdge, who are among the stars of the Hull Street Food Nights phenomenon, are preparing to set out their stall for this year’s Yum! Festival after rising to a new challenge.

The team, who have built a reputation for quality burgers, have come up with a specially-crafted Yum! Festival burger, for the event which takes place in Queens Gardens in Hull on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 August.

The burger will get its official unveiling at the Festival and will also be on sale at Kerb Edge’s headquarters at Head of Steam in Trinity Square, Hull.

The KerbEdge crew came up with the idea of creating a burger to celebrate Yum!, and decided to seek inspiration on ingredients from the team at HullBID, which has been organising the festival since 2010.
Favourite flavours submitted for consideration included avocado, blue cheese, donner kebab, pina colada, chicken madras, and chocolate. John Swinton, Development Chef at Kerb Edge, was undaunted, having coped with similarly quirky calls in the past.

He said: “To meet the requirements of one local businessman we conjured up a sausage patty with mint and almond pesto, date puree and a porridge crumb. We also did a City of Culture burger with ingredients including Jackson’s bloomer bread, chip spice, and Hull Fair onions.”
John set to work with the HullBID burger wish list and invited a top tasting panel to return later and sample the results – a beef variety and a chicken alternative, containing a blue cheese mayo, pineapple and coconut chutney, smashed avocado, and meat marinated in cocoa and chilli powder.

Mark Andrews, HullBID’s Senior Support Officer, said: “They are nicely sweet and spicy. You definitely get the chocolate and there’s a bit of heat in there.”

Adam Bryson, who founded KerbEdge in 2014, said: “The beef burger works particularly well. You get the spice from the curry and the sweetness from the pickle and the chocolate.
“Our aim was to find a burger that represented the team behind Yum! Festival, the people of HullBID. Like the team, the burger is a bit quirky and slightly challenging, but full of fun and enjoyment!”

Catherine Goble, HullBID Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, said: “KerbEdge has surpassed all expectations with this Yum! – and yummy – creation. We had no idea how they would manage to accommodate such varied flavours, but they have. It is definitely a unique taste, but the balance is there, and it proves they know exactly what they are doing. John isn’t a development chef for nothing.

“We hope the festival goers will give the Yum! burger a try, and maybe it will encourage some of them to experiment with new ingredients in their own cooking too.”

KerbEdge is just one of the many local food and drink businesses which will be showcasing their delights at the Yum! Festival on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 August. They will also be at the Hull Street Food Nights on Thursday 27 July, Thursday 17 August and Thursday 21 September.